[EXCLUSIVE] Our Interview with Kazuto Shimomura

Photo: Kazuto Shimomura We speak to Kazuto Shimomura, a hairstylist based in Japan who was inspired by geisha , and will make waves in Ne...

We speak to Kazuto Shimomura, a hairstylist based in Japan who was inspired by geisha, and will make waves in New York City soon.

Hi Kazu! Tell us a bit about yourself!
Hi, my name is Kazuto Shimomura, a hairstylist based in Japan. I was born in Japan in Osaka which is close to Kyoto, and as Kyoto is a very traditional city, I grew up seeing a lot of traditional buildings, temples and geisha. When I was a child, I've always wondered why geisha had white skin and strange hairstyles, almost like a ghost! I felt scared whenever I saw them. Having said that, I've grown fond of the sentimental aspects of tradition.

When did you discover your love for hairstyling?
Actually, when I was 18 years old, I wanted to become a fashion designer. At that time, I did like fashion and edgy clothes, and I liked creating things with my hand. I think it's genetic; my parents and grandfather were artisans, that's why I thought I can best create in the fashion industry. I then decided to become a hairstylist.

How would you describe your style?
Anything elegant and classic, but with bits of rock 'n roll and street style thrown in. It's amazing to be able to create that style.

What are your tips on maintaining healthy, shiny hair?
Never skip conditioner, and don't blow dry your hair too often.

Where do you get your ideas and inspirations from?
I often get ideas from old movies, nature, animals, product designs, architecture, clothes, people walking on the street... just everything around me!

Who do you dream of working with?
Karl Lagerfeld

If you could only work with one colour, which one would it be, and why?
This is difficult question. I love black and white, so I'd go with black because it's cool and elegant.

Where is the one place on the planet you have dreamed of visiting?

What would you do if you win a million dollars?
I will travel around the world.

What is success to you?
I don't know, really. I'm still looking for the answer, and I may never find out.

Kazuto Shimomura's Official Site

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  1. great black and white photos ,you have made a beautiful women look beautiful and that can be hard to do


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