Diptyque: Eau Rose Collection

Photo: Diptyque Rosa Mundi limited edition candle , Eau Rose EDT , Eau Rose EDT (Roll-on) , Eau Rose body lotion , Eau Rose hand lotion D...

Photo: Diptyque

Rosa Mundi limited edition candle, Eau Rose EDT, Eau Rose EDT (Roll-on), Eau Rose body lotion, Eau Rose hand lotion

Diptyque's latest Eau Rose collection infuses two precious breeds of roses in perfumery: the Turkish Damask and the French Centifolia (or Rose de Mai), with hints of bergamot, blackcurrant and lychee.

The ancestor of many ancient roses, including Centifolia, the Rosa gallica versicolor (or Rosa Mundi), gets its name from Rosamund Clifford, the mistress of the English King Henry II. The legend has it that to protect her from attackers, the King planted a labyrinth of rose bushes around the hunting pavilion where she was hidden. However his plan failed, and Rosamund was poisoned by the Queen. Every year, the King placed sumptuous roses on her grave.

Diptyque has paid a wonderful homage to roses, and we cannot wait to get our hands on it.

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