[EXCLUSIVE] Our Interview with Instagrammer Lim Zhi Wei

Photos courtesy of Lim Zhi Wei We speak to Malaysian artist Lim Zhi Wei, whose creative art pieces using food, flowers, and even leaves ha...

Photos courtesy of Lim Zhi Wei

We speak to Malaysian artist Lim Zhi Wei, whose creative art pieces using food, flowers, and even leaves have gained popularity on Instagram.
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Hi Limzy! Tell us a bit about yourself! When did you discover a passion for arts?
I started drawing ever since I could even remember. When I was 4, I was vandalizing the house walls so hard my parents decided to bring me to drawing classes, possibly to get rid of me so that they can clean the house! I continued to take art as my main subject throughout my entire schooling journey and finally a fine art diploma at Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts (NAFA), Singapore.

Where do you get your ideas and inspirations from?
I got ideas from everywhere but I am mostly inspired by my years of teaching children art. It teaches me to look at things using a child's eye and vivid imagination. And also to take things a little less seriously, or I should say in a more light hearted manner. When we were in art school, students are usually encouraged to explore more serious or 'darker' issues, but I realize that not all people quite understand the meaning behind our artworks. I always wish to make art more common for everyone, and that explains why I use very simple materials you can find everyday. Now, even my grandma appreciates what I am doing!

Why food and flowers, and Instagram?
I have used food and flowers as teaching materials in class before, e.g. cereal as tree (breakfast for the kids later on), alphabet pasta, flowers as dresses for paper dolls etc. And my Instagram feed was bombarded with beautiful food and floral pictures (I'm sure yours too!) I was thinking, hey why didn't I do it for myself too? And that's how I have started using normal materials for my artworks. They are usually small in size, completed within a day so that I can take pictures before the sun sets. I think this is a whole new phenomenon for the art scene, so I call it the #instaartmovement (like how we categorize artists at which era/period, pop art, impressionism etc)

What is your favourite equipment to work with?
My equipment set up is really simple. A pair of scissors/knife, a sketchbook, paint and brush. My main challenge is time, as food and flower change/rot very fast. Or some, I have to cook the food first, or some flowers need to be pressed for at least two weeks. So there are pros and cons using such materials.

Any upcoming projects we can look forward to?
I am currently doing a #missworldseries using artificial flowers so that they stay permanent, and can be framed and displayed. It's a series of national flowers representing various countries. And I'm planning to publish a book, so let's see how far this goes!

If you could only work with one colour, which one would it be and why?
This is too hard to choose! But I'll choose white, for white light is made of rainbow colors. White doesn't define any specific mood. Chinese use white as a color for death, while it's also the main color of marriage for Westerners. It can be sad or happy, nothing or infinite, boring or amazing. It has the least connotation than other colors. It can just represent everything and I can project my own mood or personality into it.

Where is the one place on Earth you'd love to visit?
I'm gonna be really cheesy and cliché, but yes definitely Paris.

What would you do if you win a million dollars?
I'll make full use of them, for my parents, for donation, art materials, and travel around the world.

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