[EXCLUSIVE]: Our Interview with Makeup Artist Darlina Conto

Photo: Darlina Conto This time around, we speak to makeup artist Darlina Conto, whose mind is like Pinterest, brainstorming ideas for new ...

This time around, we speak to makeup artist Darlina Conto, whose mind is like Pinterest, brainstorming ideas for new looks.
Have we mentioned that she worked with Dr. Oz?
Read on to find out more!

Hi Darlina! Tell us a bit about yourself!
I am a seasoned makeup artist (over 15 years now!) who found out she's also pretty good at the hair thing and I am suddenly reaching new heights in my career. There is an intense motivation that came over me since I became a mother and I am channeling that energy into my career decisions. I am very busy in all aspects of my life, so that forces me to focus and prioritize. I am clear on where I belong and that is being part of a top-notch team that creates breathtaking beauty/editorial/fashion imagery.

How did this career start for you?
I always had 'the eye' but I didn't start using my creative talents until I couldn't take another day in my monotonous yet well-paying corporate job. I started in makeup sales and found that I enjoyed applying the makeup rather than selling it. In a short time, I was making more money in a week than I was making in a whole month in my first career.

Have you always had an interest in hair and makeup?
I'm a girl! Of course! I love to put makeup on, shop for it, try new ideas, I love getting my hair highlighted and styling it. And I love making others look good, too. When you look good, it changes how you feel inside.

Where do you get your ideas and inspirations from?
My mind is like Pinterest. If I am preparing for a shoot, I brainstorm on my own and put my initial ideas on paper. Then, I pull out Italian/French/British Vogue, Marie Claire - any European fashion magazine helps to spark new ideas. And, if I am in a big city, just walking around the downtown area or riding the subway stimulates ideas for me. People-watching is a creative hobby.

Which of your projects are you most proud of?
There are many and I am sure many more to come. I recently got to work with the amazing Dr. Oz again and I am very proud of that because I was requested and that is a huge compliment and honor. On the print side, a recent shoot with a great team produced an image that evokes class, style, status and I love it. The lips are dangerously red and perfect and the hair is slicked back--so simple and yet so powerful (image below).

That being said, any upcoming projects that we can look forward to?
Of course! After careful research, I am ready to sign with an agency that suits my personality and goals. I look forward to opportunities that are going to go beyond my biggest dreams! I can feel it in my bones!

If you could only work with one colour, which one would it be and why?
Black. It's all-colour and no-colour. Dark and brooding; definitive and sharp; classic and crazy. It has impact by itself but is just as powerful when it helps all the other colors pop.

What would you do if you win a million dollars?
Oh boy! That would be awesome! I would devote a portion of it to my ideas that I've had brewing for years which includes writing and self-publishing several books; manufacturing a special product that would make life much easier for mobile bridal artists and open a specialty makeup store in downtown Manhattan. See? I've got some big dreams, eh?

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