EXCLUSIVE: Our Interview with Clinton Hedt

Photos courtesy of Clinton Hedt This young and vibrant soul told us about how he embraces his carefree and happy-go-lucky attitude and his...

Photos courtesy of Clinton Hedt

This young and vibrant soul told us about how he embraces his carefree and happy-go-lucky attitude and his dreams of carving a name for himself in the photography scene.

Hi Clinton! Tell us a bit about yourself.
I'm a just a young guy in the prime of life doing what he loves for a living. I’m a "go hard or go home" type of person and I hate time wasters! Life really is too short to be wasting it on silly things....."the less you care the happier you will be" right? I do hope to one day find a place I can call home in LA and hopefully make a name for myself as a photographer over there! But for now, you now you can find me on the Gold Coast of Australia, spending time with my loved ones, training hard at MMA and most of all capturing every moment of my life through a lens!

When did you discover your passion for photography?
My passion for photography started when I was about 15, throughout high school I was always surrounded by amazing photographers, and because I was around these people all the time photography was just this contagious thing I couldn't really escape from. Before photography found me I had actually hoped to become a marine biologist or a highly respected tattoo artist (I think I was watching too much Miami ink at the time haha)

What do your photos usually portray? (E.g. a certain emotion, fashion, humours, etc?)
ummm....most of my photos don’t really portray anything specific but I guess you could say a lot of them have some sort of movement or action in them, I have only just recently started building my fashion portfolio but a lot of my photos do have something happening in them....I love taking photos that capture raw emotion and movement, I find when you capture something so real and raw in a photo, the story within the photo becomes so much more interesting!

Where do you get inspirations for your shoots?
most of my inspiration comes from my whirlpool of a mind, I’m always thinking up new ideas and wondering if they could work....the only problem is, is that I have the mind of a goldfish so I need to constantly write things down so I remember them all....but lately the amazing "Terry Richardson" has been inspiring my fashion portfolio, his style is so simple yet it’s so raw and real! I love it!

What equipment do you use?
I’m team Canon!

If you could only work with one colour, which one would it be and why?
Although it’s technically not a colour, I would have to say black or maybe white, I just love the simplicity of the two colours.

What is your basic photography workflow from start till the end?
Well, first I like to meet my clients and establish a friendly relationship with them to ensure they are fully comfortable around me and to avoid them feeling stressed and maybe a little awkward whilst I shoot there images, straight after shooting I download the raw images to my computer and external hard drives and then prepare for editing, once all the images are edited I back them up to my hard drives and then output the images for printing and my clients

What would you do if you won a million dollars?
If I won a million dollars, it’s a little corny...but I would buy a new camera setup and maybe a good film camera too, pack a backpack of clothes and jet set around the world to go on some new, wild & unknown adventures hopefully capturing some amazing photos along the way....if and when I get back to Australia and had some money left over.....I would give some to my loved friends and family and then hopefully set myself up in LA and chase my dream of becoming a big named photographer!

Clinton Hedt's Tumblr Page

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  1. I love the photos and the interview. What an amazing young man, and with so much talent.

  2. Thank you, Helen! Glad you enjoyed our feature ;)


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