EXCLUSIVE: Our Interview with Paul Toussaint

Photos courtesy of Paul Toussaint "Paul is using a different color palette and he's also using a couple of apps I've never ...

Photos courtesy of Paul Toussaint

"Paul is using a different color palette and he's also using a couple of apps I've never seen him use before." - Knox Bronson of www.P1xelsatanexhibition.com on Paul Toussaint's iPhoneography. Read on for our interview with the talented artist!

Hi Paul! Tell us a bit about yourself.

My art is a reflection of me. That said, the best way for me to describe myself is to invite you and your readers to my solo photo exhibition titled iScapes – A Photographic Journey Through the iPhone. Get to know me through my work from March 1 to April 8 at the Quinnebaug Valley Council for the Arts and Humanities, in Southbridge, Massachusetts. This exhibition is a dream come true for me, something I am so fortunate to be able to create and humbled that that opportunity is happening for me. Because I am a pet owner and animal lover, I am planning on donating a portion of my proceeds to a local animal shelter.Besides that I like to think of myself as someone that loves to have fun, laugh, dance, and enjoy a martini or two.

When did you discover your passion for iPhoneography?
In the past two years, I have evolved from being a professionally trained traditional photographer of two decades into a modern iphoneographer. As I take pictures now with this technology, I also process and complete the work in the palm of my hand. Because of this new way of viewing and manipulating art in my hand, my artistic vision and my creative drive have expanded. The images I am now able to create I can attribute to the outstanding quality of the iPhone camera and the superiority of the many applications I employ. For those two reasons, my iPhone images have been given distinction in many competitions throughout the world. I am what they called iPhone obsessed!

What is your basic workflow post-shooting?
My post-shooting workflow is like this. For me I try very hard to app a photograph almost right after I shoot it while it’s fresh in my mind. It's like an addiction. I am dying to see what I am going to create. My impatience gets the best of me. However, I spend a great deal of time on them. I will use several of "must have" APPS one for lighting, the second for detail, and then I’ll take the over exposed and the under exposed images and merge them together to create a HIGH DYNAMIC RANGE (HDR) photograph.

What do you usually shoot on besides the iPhone? DSLR/analog camera?
This is a great question, because I just shot a video for an e-book titled MOBILE MASTERS CROSSING THE THRESHOLD by Dan Marcolina in which I am fortunate to be featured. I go into detail about how I feel iphoneography is just an extension of traditional photography so therefore I no longer shoot with a DSLR/analog camera. I sold my soul to the iPhone.

How long have you been in photography?
I took a photography class 1982 in my freshmen year in high school and continued until I graduated, and then I attended the R.I. School of Photography. I am now in my third decade of capturing images.

Is there a particular time of the day where you prefer to shoot at?
Absolutely not! My camera is with me 24/7. I photograph all the time and at any given moment. However, if I had to select a particular time of day it would be around sunset because the way the light bounces off the NYC architecture is magical. I just want to be able to bring this natural beautiful light to attention of people that normally wouldn’t notice it. I have actually left the dinner table to go outside to capture this with my camera.

What is your favourite object/element to shoot?
This is a very hard question because, it's not like I have any "one" favorite element to shoot. I look at everything as art from a penny on the floor, to my morning waitress, to my Early Morning Fog nature shot or to the NYC skyline. If I created a book, I would title it, To Look at Anything. If you look at my portfolio you can see my photographs run the gamut of everything. I find art everywhere I look.

If there is one place where you could revisit and shoot, where and what would it be?

Without a doubt, TREE CAMP, LONDOLOZI, a private game reserve in South Africa is the place I’d revisit and shoot. I highly recommend anyone who can find it within their means to go. DO IT! It's an experience of a lifetime and something I will never forget. I will cherish that trip forever.

What are the apps for post-processing that you cannot live without?
The Apps that I can't live without? I get asked this all the time. I hope to be offering classes and workshops to go into greater detail with the answers. I have to say hands down and in no particular order:
· icameraHDR - for combining two different exposures of the same image together.
· FIlterstorm –for blending two different images together.
· Camera+ - for any lighting situation.
· snapseed - What iphoneographer cannot use this? I use it to enhance detail and for my very special secret technique to create certain elements to "POP" off the photograph.
· Photofx – for its never ending filters.
· Scratchcam – for filters that add scratches and other elements to a photograph that help balance the image as a whole.

Those are my top APPlications. I have so many more that play such a big role in creating my images. I am NOT afraid when it comes to trying new Apps as they teach me something new. So I am adventurous when it comes to continuing to learn. Although, if you have apps on your phone that you hardly ever use, delete them, as they'll always be on your computer to retrieve them if needed.

What would you do if you win a million dollars?
I would give it to Peggy Fallon.

Paul's official website here.

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  1. These iPhone images by Mr. Toussaint are truly an impressive eclectic collection. I was intrigued to learn which apps the artist applies,and I'd enjoy seeing some of pictures in the stages of development. Thanks for the letting us know about the upcoming exhibit in Massachusetts.

  2. I am so honored and humbled as a featured photographer here in Elements magazine. Thank You! This is an outstanding quality magazine that has some of the most beautiful and talented artist.


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