Urbanscapes 2012 - Day 2

Photos courtesy of Hui Yen for Elements Magazine As if in self-denial, we told ourselves that the weather forecast of a 'possible dow...

As if in self-denial, we told ourselves that the weather forecast of a 'possible downpour in the evening' wasn't going to manifest itself that day. Oh come on, the whole town has been anticipating the Icelandic band, Sigur Rós for at least a few months now. The iTunes playlist which was on a constant loop of trippy albums, Valtari, Takk and Von hours have already left me in states of hallucinatory realism before I headed out.

The grass was still squishy from the downpour days ago and event-goers from Day 1 had already beefed up their footwear to yellow waterproof wellies (some in black). The mud seemed to have this invisible suction power that swallowed your foot in part upon contact, and I assure you it wasn't the nicest feeling ever, even more so if you have OCD.

It wasn't until 7 pm when droplets of rain graduated into a heavy drizzle (dang!). Sheila (the co-editor and companion of the day) and I while snacking on our popcorn juggled mid-act to pull over our ponchos. How I wished for the ability to use both hands with equal facility at that moment. I almost thought that the grounds of Padang Astaka would see an immense difference in headcount, but no, we had some of the most gungho people around, braving the rain in brollies, raincoats and water resistant mats.

Independent artsy stall selling made-to-order typography lights

Typography made out of corrugated cardboard

The art installation board of writings depicting what love is to people by Hong Yi. Well done!

Listening to Varúð live was akin to igniting every firework that sent them ablaze into the dark skies. The band had bulb fixtures that glowed and then dimmed into a mere flicker in synchronous with every song played. The next moment, without a caution, the whole stage went pitch dark. The crowd was silent for as long as I could remember and as they broke out of tempo with the rapturous start of percussions, people cheered. This is what Sigur Rós does to you.

The very lucky recipient of the same drum stick Orri Páll Dýrason, the drummer, used throughout the concert.

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