Urbanscapes 2012 - Day 1

Photo and article by: Shez for Elements Magazine I am writing this in perspective of my first time attending the Urbanscapes event, which is...

Photo and article by: Shez for Elements Magazine

I am writing this in perspective of my first time attending the Urbanscapes event, which is good since I have no past experience to compare it to.

Photos and notes & tips after the jump!

I arrived at the Asia Jaya LRT Station which is the nearest to the venue. Being female and having gone there alone was a bit of an unnerving thing to do. Before arriving at my stop, I somehow had the impression that the organizers would have placed banners or signages pointing to the direction of the venue. But there were none.

So I walked out and stopped to ask a couple of hawkers for directions. Luckily, it wasn’t far off. I reached the main road and met a few other Urbanscapes goers. All of them had a gadget in their hand, following each other and trying to search for the venue (perfect example of the blind leading the blind).

We then found out that we needed to head to the direction of Armada Hotel and walk to the back of their outside parking lot (on the left) to get to the event. It was a rather unnoticeable path and a bit confusing to those who are unfamiliar to the place.

Hopefully this will be a little bit of help for those who are walking from the Asia Jaya station, today.

At Urbanscapes

Having read a few of their blog entries, I had anticipated that Padang Astaka will be very muddy. I thought I could’ve walked around around safely in my Vans, but after an hour, it was an almost impossible thing to do.

After yesterday, I’ve decided that the following are some good essential things that you may/will need/want:

1. A backpack; to store your things and other goods that you want to buy. Plus, it’s easier to carry around than a tote or a sling bag.
2. A raincoat or poncho; it didn't rain in the afternoon or evening yesterday, but it may rain sometime this afternoon or evening. Malaysian weather is very unpredictable.
3. A pair of sandals; if you’re planning on going to the event in shoes (especially canvas shoes), bring a pair of sandals for backup. Caution, sandals gets sucked in easily in the mud, so most people end up going barefoot.
4. A (few) plastic bag/s; to keep your shoes should you want to change into your sandals, or any other necessary things.
5. A pair of rain boots; if you prefer not to have messy feet, then these would be a good alternative to sandals or walking barefoot.

6. Tissue or wet wipes; chances are, you’re going to get very messy, and you want to have something you can wipe your fingers with.
7. An extra shirt; If you have OCD, this is a smart move.
8. Insect repellent; if you're a likely victim of insects.
9. Sunblock; to avoid sunburns.
10. Extra cash; don’t keep all your money in your wallet or purse. At least if you lose them, you’d have extra cash in your pockets as backup!

Other things which I observed;

1. A mat; there aren’t going to be many (dry) places you can sit on. Although, not a conventional thing to bring around.
2. Wear a pair of shorts; It's very hot, and you might not want to get your pants dirty. 3. A pen or sharpie; in case you bump into a celebrity and want to ask for their autograph

Ernest Zacharevic, who made the popular murals in Penang was also present and had a stall.

More photos in our Flickr gallery!

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