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Photos courtesy of Caleis Caleis is a former tax agent who has now dedicated her life to her love for art. Read on to know more about the...

Photos courtesy of Caleis

Caleis is a former tax agent who has now dedicated her life to her love for art. Read on to know more about the Spanish illustrator!

WARNING: Mild Nudity

Hi Caleis! Tell us a bit about yourself!
My name is MarĂ­a, Caleis is my name as illustrator; I am a self-criticism person, but as Caleis, I dream big and I'm more flexible. I have weakness for transpersonal psychology, meditation, the music of the 50's,60's and 70's, and Great Danes.

How did you start off with illustrating?
I started as self-taught illustrator about two years ago, I had no claim about it, just to get back my love for drawing, but I started to move my work online, and here I am.

According to your Behance profile, it says that you used to be a tax agent. Mind telling us a little about that?
Well, my university education is a BA in Law. I worked for the Spanish Tax Agency. It was my last job before back to the drawing. I can only say that seeing the economy of Spain these days, I appreciate not having to fill it today.

Where do you get the inspiration for your illustrations from?
My work is very focused on women, fashion and design, so mostly I am
inspired by fashion photography, avant-garde art, textiles, interiorism... beauty is everywhere, just open the mind.

Apart from fashion-based artwork, are there any other artistic projects that you’re currently working on?
I am part of an editorial project for an upcoming book about the Illustration on Spain in the last ten years, but the truth is that my work is increasingly linked to fashion, in fact I'm starting to experiment with textile application of my work.

What is your favorite equipment to work with?
I'm not very gourmet for that, with formal education sure I would be more demanding choosing materials. With my pencil 0.5, prismacolor pencils, watercolor pencils Caran D'ache and a good paper, I'm happy.

Let’s move on to some quirky/random questions. Based on your preference, if you could color the wind, what would it be?
I have a weakness for black and white, but the world needs more green! An intense one, like moss green.

Name three items you would take with you on a deserted island
Good music, a book of meditation, and my dog Yoko -this is not negotiable- to draw there is beach sand, so that's it! XD

What would you do if you won a million dollars?
When I think in terms of abundance I'm not thinking in terms of money, but in that case I would travel with my boyfriend, help family and friends, and create a foundation of transpersonal psychology with schools of trascendental meditation for the Spanish-speaking countries, something similar to David Lynch Foundation.

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