EXCLUSIVE: Our Interview with Olya Chernikova

Photo: Olya Chernikova Olya Chernikova is an 18 year-old artist from Russia. Read on for our exclusive interview with her!

Olya Chernikova is an 18 year-old artist from Russia. Read on for our exclusive interview with her!

Hi Olya! Tell us a little about yourself!
Hello! I'm interested in fashion, art and photography. I've started drawing since I was about 4 years old. I went to Art School, and after graduating I didn't draw for a long time. But now I draw and like it very much!

How long have you been illustrating for?
I've been illustrating for magazines for 5-6 months. I drew only for myself earlier.

Daddy Push from Noel Fielding’s Luxury Comedy

What keeps you motivated or inspired?
I get inspired by many things. I try to find something inspiring every day. Even TV-show or lyrics of songs can inspire me! I think it is very important for creative people to see beauty in everything, so they will be inspired always.

Alison Mosshart of The Kills and The Dead Weather

We saw your artwork that was featured in Glitterball Magazine. Must’ve been a pretty amazing experience! How did that come about?
Yes, it's been really amazing!

One day I checked Twitter and saw a tweet by Glitterball. I started following them, checked their magazine, they checked my blog and said that they liked my work. And then we started working together.

Russian Matrioshka


Olya at work

Tell us your favorite medium for your illustrations.
My favorite medium is black gel pen. Also I like using watercolor.

What does your work space look like?
Oh, my work space is full of different stuff: copybooks, books, albums for drawing, even my laptop is there. And other useless stuff.

Anyone you dream of collaborating with?
I'd like to keep collaborating with magazines.

I dream about collaborating with designers of clothes. I'd like to make prints for them. Also I dream about collaborating with other artists and photographers, though I'm not sure if there is such way of collaboration.


Finally, if you could make an immediate one million dollars from your illustrations, what would you do/how would you spend it?
Honestly, I've never thought about how to spend one million dollars.

Perhaps I would move to Great Britain or USA. Then I would spend these money on travelling (I adore travelling and hate to stay at one place for a long time). And I would like to donate money to charity.

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