EXCLUSIVE: Our Interview with Elisabetta Giovi

Photos courtesy of Elisabetta Giovi Elisabetta Giovi is an art director behind some major campaigns and fashion shows such as Blumarine Be...

Photos courtesy of Elisabetta Giovi

Elisabetta Giovi is an art director behind some major campaigns and fashion shows such as Blumarine Bellissima, Gianfranco Ferre's Ferre Rose, Love Moschino and Rosato jewellery featuring Demi Moore.
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Hi Betty! Tell us a bit about yourself!
Oh it is always hard to talk about myself, but here is what people say about me: Wobblin'betty [Elisabetta Giovi] “quick wobblin’, life loving, party making, jelly shaking, beauty craving, style inspiring, mind blowing, fast moving, high raving, creativity tickling, brain eating, black&white freakin’, no repeating, easy going..”

You are an art director who has worked in many campaigns. How did this career start for you?
I come from a family where all kinds of artistic expressions were encouraged and boosted. I remember visiting museums with my mum since when I could barely walk and, because I used to draw a lot, it was quite natural for me to enroll to an art school. But it was only when I moved to London and joined the very hard core of the city's underground culture made of art, design, street style, electronic music and rave parties, that I decided I wanted to be a designer. I attended a graphic design college and I started having fun creating clubs flyers and Cd covers for my friends that were in some bands. It was good because I could do whatever I wanted to, it was total creative freedom. Lately I moved back to Milan, and I got into design for the fashion industry. I loved it and I am still working in this field.

What is your job scope like?
If we talk about graphic design my goal is to create something that is both useful and beautiful (it could be a logo, a fragrance packaging, a website or a swing tag and so on), developing solutions for projects that demand functional and innovative design, with high attention to detail, materials, printing and finishing technique. When it comes to advertising campaigns and art direction, my aim is to create imaginary worlds where a woman can identify herself, be seduced and dream.

Where do you get your ideas and inspirations from?
Traveling is my main inspiration: visiting new places is always extremely challenging and thought-provoking. Also, on daily bases I try to surround myself with beautiful things that inspire me: design, fashion, style and photography are my passions which I try to fulfill and feed constantly. On (my blog), I post about everything that reflects my aesthetic ideal and in the years it has become a kind of archive for my visual inspiration. And if it happens that I am stuck on some project, going for a walk, either in the city or in the countryside, gets my mind going.

What are the tools/equipment you usually use?
A Mac Book Pro with Adobe Creative suite and a Wacom pen tablet.

Which of your projects are you most proud of?
One of my latest project I did in collaboration with Golab Agency was the Diesel Black Gold Menswear FW12 fashion show. It was the first time that DBG showed the collection in Milan during fashion week and it was very exciting setting up the show and the graphics.

Another project I particularly like because the making of was real fun and is very different from my usual works, is the identity and communication material for Art Explosion, a street art festival that took place in the South of Italy last Autumn, for which I developed all the graphics and collaborated with Fullscream to shoot the tv spot in the beautiful Naples area (http://vimeo.com/39828990). Since the inspiration of the festival was very urban we wanted to give the video a rough edge and artistic feel. For this project I took care also of the styling, which was quite experimental and involved a few custom made pieces and a lot of leather harnesses and Greek theater masks.

And from the past years the Extè eyewear campaign shot by Mert and Marcus and Rosato's jewelry campaign by Mario Testino featuring Demi Moore are still between my fav works.

That being said, any upcoming projects that we can look forward to?
Right now I am working on the concept and graphics for Diesel Black Gold / Menswear SS13 catwalk that will be on show in Milan at the end of June. If you are going to be in Milan for Fashion Week that will be a show worth seeing. And with Fullscream I made a 2-minute short film for a high fashion Italian brand but you will need to wait a while to see it online as it will be launched in a month or so.

If you could only work with one colour, which one would it be and why?
I will have to say black. I love black and white graphics, especially when it comes to typographic work. I am also a huge fan of black an white photography, as you can guess from my Tumblr.

What would you do if you win a million dollars?
Shop till I drop? Ok, just kidding! Surely I would not give up my job because I enjoy too much what I am doing, but yeah I would be traveling much more and despite the fact that I really love the urban vibe I would get a big house/studio space by the sea, to go there some now and then, kick back and relax stripping away the frantic pace of the city, and dedicate myself to some experimental uncommissioned work.

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