13 May 2012

GIVEAWAY: Summer Accessories Kit

Photo: Aggie for Elements Magazine

Are you ready for summer?
We handpicked a few summer-ready accessories and we will be giving them away to one lucky reader!
The kit consists of accessories from Peacocks London and Diva worth more than RM150 ($50)!

  1. A pair of orchid hair clips
  2. Clear crystal-esque necklace
  3. Gold and turqouise chain tassle earrings
  4. Coral rose headband
  5. Pink gemstones, rose and pearl stackable rings
  6. Long coral beaded necklace

Read on to find out how to win!
PS: We ship international!


We will announce the winner next week! Stay tuned ;)


  • Follow/like us both on Twitter AND Facebook for an extra entry.
  • Follow all our boards on Pinterest
  • Follow us on Instagram (username: elementsmag)
  • Re-post/re-blog this giveaway on your blog with the original photo
  • Re-pin this giveaway on Pinterest using the Pin button in this post
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  • So each participant can get up to 6 extra entries!

Once you have done the above, simply leave a comment here with your:
  • email address
  • usernames on platforms (Twitter/Facebook/Pinterest/Instagram) you have liked/followed us
  • blog/Pin/retweet URLs (if applicable)
  • fave item in the kit
  • (Your info will not be passed to other parties)

Giveaway closes on 31 May at midnight GMT+8.
Good luck ;)


Doreen said...

E-mail: alatariel89@gmail.com

Usernames: dorynnn (Twitter), geekypinky (Instagram), doreen.ling (Facebook)

URL: https://twitter.com/#!/dorynnn/status/201812633672876032

Fave item in kit: #2

kiki said...

email: kianapayne@aol.com

twitter: @keepitklassy_k
pinterest:Kiana Miller
facebook: Kiana Miller
instagram: nerdykiana



my fave item is definitely #3

Fashion Pad said...

I've followed liked on:

Twitter - @Fashionpad
Facebook - Shanequa


Samuel C said...

email address: samuelccblogs@hotmail.com

usernames on platforms
Twitter: @TrenchCoatMen

fave item in the kit: 4

I've followed on Twitter

Szappanbubi said...

email address: porcukorborso at gmail dot com

Twitter: @szappanbubbi
Facebook : Szabina Luzics
Pinterest: Szappanbubi

Pin: http://pinterest.com/pin/125186064612473239/
retweet URL: https://twitter.com/#!/szappanbubbi/status/202676549202345984
fave item in the kit: 5

Shiva Ruppeni said...

email : shivaruppeni@gmail.com

twitter: https://twitter.com/ShivaRuppeni

pinterest: http://pinterest.com/shivaruppeni

fave item in the kit : no 2

kaibutsugeek said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
kaibutsugeek said...

email: fatin.nabilah.amalik@gmail.com

twitter: https://twitter.com/NadiahAbdulMalik

fave item in the kit: no.1

Bahia Nurlizan said...

email : bahia_apple@yahoo.com

username : Bahia Nurlizan (FB)

Fave item from the kit : #6

badBarbara said...

Folling you on Facebook, Barbara claymaker steen

badBarbara said...

Following you on twitter, themixmix

badBarbara said...

Following you on pinterest, barbarasteen@yahoo.com

badBarbara said...

Following you on on instagram, badbarbara

rilakkeezy said...

email: meltedpanda@gmail.com
twitter: meltedpanda
facebook: delayna.ordonez
favorite item is definitely the rings!!


Yvette Marie Fernandez said...

Email: ymarie97_fernandez@yahoo.com
Facebook: Yvette Marie Fernandez
Twitter: @imyvettemarie
Retweet: https://twitter.com/imyvettemarie/status/205536009448996864
Reblog: http://f-ashionchic.tumblr.com/post/23659486823/are-you-ready-for-summer-we-handpicked-a-few
Fave item: Clear crystal-esque necklace

June said...

Followed on twitter @junebiswas
Followed on facebook as june biswas
Followed on pinterest as /junebiswas

Fave Item - No 3 The earrings

Mutzii said...


Followed on twitter pinterest @mutchikita
liked on facebook under Mutzii

Fave item:: #5 Pink gemstones, rose and pearl stackable rings

marmar_cutie97 said...

email address: maryflor.recla@yahoo.com

usernames on platforms: @itsmargrex (Twitter) Maryflor Gierran Recla (Facebook)

blog/Pin/retweet URLs: (tumblr) http://marloveswishes.tumblr.com/post/23664583665
(twitter) https://twitter.com/itsmargrex/status/205593067141607424

fave item in the kit: #3 Gold and turqouise chain tassle earrings

Aimi Devine x said...

email adress: aimi@ddevine.co.uk

username : @AimiBeTweetin (twitter) Aimi Devine (Facebook)

Fave item: Clear crystal-esque necklace

Jessica said...

thank you for stopping by!! i love the long earrings!


ana irina said...

email adress : ana.irina97@yahoo.com
username : AnaIrinaa( twitter ) Ana Irina ( facebook )
and i also reblogged: f-f-foreveryoungg.tumblr.com
fav itm : 3

A Heel in Mint said...

Liked your page on Facebook. Love the tassel earrings. :)

Heel in Mint

Liza Vladyka said...

Follow us on Twitter

Liza Vladyka said...

Like us on Facebook

Liza Vladyka said...

Follow all our boards on Pinterest

Liza Vladyka said...


Liza Vladyka said...


Anonymous said...

Like you on Facebook and following you on pinterest

Anonymous said...

Christian Scott (FaceBook)
I love item #3 Those earrings are perfect and too CUTE!!!

Dee Thompson said...

Hello, I do not share my email address publicly, but my facebook name is Dee Thompson, twitter is @SweepsQueenD, and Pinterest is also Dee Thompson, I repinned under contests.

Dee Thompson said...

Here are my links:
Twitter: https://twitter.com/SweepsQueenD/status/206821988407320576

Pinterest: http://pinterest.com/pin/200621358370935047/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ddthompson23

Sherl Bastien said...

facebook> Sherl Miller Bastien

Sarah B. said...

I follow you on twitter (@yes_teacher)
Like you on Facebook (Sarah Bee)
Follow you on pinterest (Sarah B.)
Retweeted this giveaway:

sarah at yesteachercrafts dot com

samantha.tedesco said...


I follow you on FB: Samantha Tedesco
I follow you on twitter: @samanthatedesco
Follow on pinterest: sammina

I love N° 5

Kafi Farrell said...

email address: naturalbella@hotmail.com
username on Twitter: @Sunkisstrini
username on Facebook: Brianna Clip platform
fave item in the kit: I love #3

veronica said...

love accessories!!!

user on face is Veronica vstyle
on twitter is @vstyle_1 https://twitter.com/#!/vstyle_1


ArtLook4U said...

Thanks for the comment :)

e-mail: artlook4u@gmail.com
fb: Patricia M. Szubska
Twitter: @BlackMambaaa86

my fave item is 2 and 3

Samantha said...

Email Address: OceanBreeze1187@aol.com

Twitter: @SamiDobbs

Facebook: Samantha Tingle Dobbins

Pinterest: SamanthaDobbins

Instagram: SamanthaDobbs

Pinterest link: http://pinterest.com/pin/191262315395343247/

Tweet link: https://twitter.com/SamiDobbs/status/208189963601330177

Love the clear crystal-esque necklace :)

Anonymous said...

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