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Photos courtesy of Sussan Zeck Hailing from Germany, Sussan Zeck is a model and a cat lover with plenty of wisdom on life! Read on to get...

Photos courtesy of Sussan Zeck

Hailing from Germany, Sussan Zeck is a model and a cat lover with plenty of wisdom on life! Read on to get to know her!

Hi Sussan, tell us something random about yourself.
I spent my childhood surrounded by cats and was always trying to run faster then them so I could grab one. The energy is still the same and the cats in my neighbourhood run quickly when they see me as I still try to grab each cat that passes my way. I learnt a lot from cats. Cats pretend to sleep to see more clearly, and they always land on their paws, no matter what! ;)

Mind telling us how you started modeling?
After I was discovered by an agency in Munich, my curiosity made me wanna give it a try. My first modeling trips were to Milan and Paris. That was the beginning of a new and exciting chapter of my life. It was a very new and exciting challenge for me, so I didn't want to let this opportunity pass by. When life gives you a ticket, you should take the ride. ;)

Have you always wanted to venture into modeling, or were you interested in other fields of the working career?
No, I had no ambitions at all of becoming a model. Part of my early life was my violin which I had studied since I was a little child. Languages and writing have always been passions of mine, and I wanted to choose any job in these fields. When I started modeling full-time, I kept studying languages and writing for magazines. I'm a writer at heart but modeling gives me many great opportunities. I love all challenges and excitements that modeling brings, especially all of the journeys and interesting people!

Any model or photographer you would love to collaborate with?
Federico Brugia as a director, his talent is incredible...

What are the taboos in the fashion industry that people don’t normally know about?
Good question! ;) There are some taboos, I'll list them all and make you a little booklet! ;)
(Ed: We're looking forward to it!)

Modeling is generally associated to all things glamorous. Tell us the ups and downs of being involved in the fashion industry.
It's usually like in any other job. You have to keep professional and focused on what you want and work hard.

How important is it to keep healthy when being a model?
Very important! Stay true to yourself and be relaxed about who you are. Don‘t ever let anyone change you or your body. Remember, your health is precious and once lost, hard to regain - so take great care of your body and the way you treat it. Treat it like your most precious dress and even better. Health always comes first!

Tell us some ‘plain Jane’ things do you do when you’re not modeling.
The simple things in life are the most precious: Sunrise and sunset, a day on the beach, writing (I just finished my first theatre play!), listening to music, playing my violin, being in company of good friends... I also love wandering around new cities and taking snapshots... :)

What’s your favorite band?
Music is essential for me, it guides me each day and is a big part of my life! I don't have a favourite band but some of my recent favorites are: ZacF, The Fratellis, Madrugada, The Rolling Stones, Chicane, 30 Seconds to Mars, Lindsey Stirling, Tiesto, Armin van Buuren, David Bowie...the list goes on and on! ;)

Finally, what would you do if you won a million dollars?
With a million dollars, I'd settle down on any Greek island, enjoy the beautiful landscape and sun, plant my own wine and write some books.... Surrounded by many many kitties ;)

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