EXCLUSIVE: Our Interview with the Googly Gooeys

Photos courtesy of the Googly Gooeys Where do we start with the Googly Gooeys? Besides the fact that they are completely adorable, Tipsy ...

Photos courtesy of the Googly Gooeys

Where do we start with the Googly Gooeys?
Besides the fact that they are completely adorable, Tipsy and Ponggo also share with us their daily observations and squabbles all the way from the Philippines.

Read on for our exclusive interview with the couple (and more cartoons!)

Hi Tipsy and Ponggo! Tell us more a bit about yourself!
Hello! We're Tipsy & Ponggo. We're human beings talking under the guise of googly-eyed pink & blue goo. In an ideal world, Tipsy's the graphic artist while Ponggo is some sort of manager but in real life, Tipsy draws about her ex-boyfriend-now-husband Ponggo who bears the signature toothy grin of the blue goo. On the other hand, Ponggo is the slave driver who critiques Tipsy’s works and says, "No. That's not me, change the drawing! Tweak the story! Revise it or my reputation will forever be marred." Kidding. ;)

How did the two of you meet?
We met back in college. We were in the same course – probably the most related course to graphics *sarcastic* – Management Engineering. We were in the same group for a project and that’s where we bonded. While we would have loved to tell you that we got to know each other via a romantic date, we were actually busy chasing deadlines and on certain nights, our group would only have anywhere from 30 minutes to three hours of sleep. It was a stressful, fun and tiring time but we think it was a good getting-to-know phase and we definitely learned how to work with each other under pressure.

Who usually wins arguments?
Whoever is in an uglier mood wins! Well, technically nobody wins. The angrier, more annoyed person temporarily wins the argument. Then, later, the other teases him/her about the faulty points s/he has raised when s/he consumed by the issue. We also love copying each other’s voices and funny lines when we’re in a saner calmer mood :)

Any ideas of what the baby names will be (since you guys will have babies soon, non?)
Ponggo’s surname is Go so were thinking Victor Hugh & Vincent Van would be awesome names. Something with numbers and exponents would be cool too. What do you think? ;)

Or we’ll just probably go with something more common and less-bully-able. Two things are for sure: We’ll definitely have a good debate about the kids’ names & they will surely have a special participation in the cartoons (think tiny Googly Gooeys in all shades of purple).

Where do you get your inspirations for your cartoons from?
As we always say, “Toilet seats are the best thinking chairs in the world”. Now you know where your cartoons come from ;)

So you guys don't own a tablet so all cartoons were drawn using a trackpad? That is just amazing. You guys must have really accurate hand-eye coordination!
Tipsy: I always loved to draw slice of life cartoons by hand since high school. I didn’t get enough opportunity to draw in college as I was stuck in a business course juggling financial terms and mathematical problems. Still, I’d volunteer to draw comics for the different organizations I joined then. I used to do layouts with Microsoft Excel and PowerPoint. I didn’t know how to use any design software but I just knew that it was something fun to do. I eventually learned how to use Photoshop after I interned at an ad agency for my practicum.

Right after college, I joined the corporate world and I was with marketing/trade marketing/sales department and I’d still find some opportunity to do some artworks and presentations. I quit my stint with the corporate world five years ago and found myself working for our family business and doing marketing collaterals for corporate clients on the side. I kind of missed drawing cartoons and expressing myself through my artwork as I was working on another company’s brand with established rules and brand properties.

One day, stressed when I got home from work, I turned my computer on and explored this program that people told me were very close to the shapes and colors I played with during my Excel and PowerPoint layout days. I drew a circle and pushed it randomly to different directions. That’s when I started to do digital drawings & have been exploring ever since. One day, I’ll learn how unite my hand drawn doodles and digital drawings and be more comfortable with a tablet! :)

(Whew! That was one lengthy background as to why I’m still stuck with the track pad!)

Are there any exciting upcoming projects we can look forward to?
We don’t want to jinx the rest of the plans but googlygooeys.com 2.0 is in the works :) Ponggo will be travelling too sometime this month to work on our merchandise. Then again, if none of these push through, that’s because by declaring our plans, we have just jinxed it! (Ha! Talk about paranoid)

If you could only work with 1 colour, which one would it be and why?
Tipsy: Aaaaahhh... This is such a hard question to answer. Anything colorful makes me happy. I'm practically on a color hunt everyday! Also, if you look at our archives, I don't really have a favorite color. The color scheme changes depending on my mood and whatever color makes me happy to the point that when I was choosing a wedding motif, everybody went berserk because I can't seem to make up my mind on the final colors. All colors are pretty and there are endless combinations that you can come up with.

Well, trust that if I'll be working with one color, I will definitely make use of gradients! Did you sense the panic I felt upon reading this question? ;)

What would you do if you win a million dollars?
Ponggo actually buys lotto tickets from time to time & when the jackpot is ridiculously high, we actually have a fun time laughing at our mundane to grand daydreams while allocating our invisible money. No doubt some of those are definitely going to travel expenses & cameras and lenses then the rest will be divided into savings, investments in businesses and charities that advocate education and this is why:

(Yes, it’s really outlined! We have talked about this so many times — not about winning the lottery, just where we would like to spend our money).

1. Travel – We initially wanted to spend our honeymoon in Antarctica. We were even thinking of possibly joining a research vessel just so that we can join the trip. We won’t mind if we were given administrative jobs in the vessel just as long we can go there. Aside from that, we’d like to visit the 7 continents, 2 poles (Tipsy: he wants to go to the tip of each pole; I’m not yet that convinced) and outer space! Hahahaha.

2. Cameras & Lenses – We’re motivated to travel because we love to take pictures and take on new subjects. The funny thing though is that since we both bring a camera wherever, we only have pictures of each other & rarely have decent couple pictures. Taking up photography as a profession would be fun too!

3. Savings – for the rainy days. Not at all being pessimistic but you can easily get caught up with the brand new lifestyle that you can afford and everyone who will befriend you or claim to be your long lost relative and ask money from you so it’s always best to have some set aside in the future. That way, you don’t have to upgrade your lifestyle as soon as your funds go up. You can easily stay grounded and far from getting bankrupt.

4. Investment – Well, there’s really no use keeping away the money from the rest of the world when it can be eaten up by inflation. It’s always good to invest. (Woo! This no longer sounds like an interview about a cartoon blog. Hahaha. Now, you can really see our college course kicking in.) Then again, it’s also best to invest in something cannot be bought or sold: time with family and friends & pursuing one’s passions.

5. Education – It’s always good to give something to someone that no one else can take away especially to those who have potential but are not given equal access due to some unfortunate circumstances. ;)

Thanks again to Elements Magazine for giving us this opportunity to be interviewed! :) On a lighter note, we’ll leave you with this cartoon:

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