EXCLUSIVE: Our Interview with Debby Thijs

Photos courtesy of Debby Thijs This week, we feature the photography works of a twenty-something visual artist called Debby Thijs. Read o...

Photos courtesy of Debby Thijs

This week, we feature the photography works of a twenty-something visual artist called Debby Thijs. Read on to get to know the lady behind the camera!

Hi Debby! Please introduce yourself!
Hi! My name is Debby, I'm a 23 year old student photographer (I'll be graduating in two months) from a tiny country called Belgium! I'm a vegetarian and a daydreamer. I'm a very creative non-sporty type of girl who loves art, B-movies, and roadtrips!

We love your photography! Very dark and mysterious. Tell us how you first started off photography, what sort of elements you worked with in the beginning and how it stemmed into this current style.
I was 13 years old when I first picked up a camera, and took pictures of everything I found interesting. A few years later, this hobby became my major course in high school. I've been studying photography for nine years now, and I still love doing it.

About my style; I've always been highly influenced by colorful personalities in the world of art, like for example Marilyn Manson. I think maybe that's why my visual style is rather dark and mysterious, because of that one, very strong influence. I'm just not a big fan of “smile-at-the-camera-and-look-pretty” kind of photos.

It certainly took its time to grow, to become more mature. You don't develop a visual style over one day, it begins with taking small steps towards the direction you want to go.

The visual outcome seem like it has a very personal touch to it. What is the main message you wish to convey through your work?
I always try to keep my photo's very close to me, because when you're close to your work, it's easier to talk about it, and easier to give a deeper meaning to a photograph. I just don't photograph things that aren't close to my heart, because then it wouldn't say anything about the artist behind the work.

Photography (or art in general) to me is a way to express yourself, to view the world how you wanna see it.

I don't have a specific message to convey, but I do hope some people can relate to my photographs in their own personal way.

What are your favorite tools to work with?
Currently, I work with digital and analogue equipment. I like the convenience of digital photography but I also love the whole process of analogue photography. Recently, I got a darkroom built at home. I use a Canon 7D for my digital shots, and for analogue photography I use several old camera's I collected throughout the years. I work with natural light most of the time.

What do you find most fulfilling as a photographer?
Being able to create something new and express yourself, is what keeps attracting me to make new work and that's what makes me happy.

Anyone in mind whom you would love to collaborate with?
Hmmm... I can't deny the dream that lives inside of me to meet some of my idols some day, and talk about my work with them. However, I also see new work of very talented young artists on the net every day, and I think I would learn alot by collaborating with some of them!

If you can make an immediate one million dollars out of your photography, what would you do/how would you spend it?
I would travel around the world, making art at places I've never been before. And meet a lot of interesting people of course. Discovering new things brings new inspiration!

Check out more of Debby's work on Tumblr!

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