EXCLUSIVE: Our Interview with Carole Wilmet

Photo: Carole Wilmet Remember our Designer Spotlight post on Carole Wilmet here ? We decided we didn't have enough of the talented ...

Remember our Designer Spotlight post on Carole Wilmet here?

We decided we didn't have enough of the talented fashion illustrator and we proceeded with an interview feature with her(yay!). She tells us of how she loves derelict buildings and how desolate she is to have found out that after so many years she is a Virgo and not a Libra after all (which she thinks is the best horoscope sign).

Read on for our exclusive interview with her.

Tell us a bit of yourself.
Hello, I am Carole (the hardest name to pronounce in English when you're a French speaker, trust me), I was born a Libra, which is the best sign of all I'm sure you'll agree. Even though, lately, a few inspired scientists pretended the zodiac signs have moved during the last centuries and that I am not longer a Libra but a Virgo. I am in huge disagreement with this theory of course. What else can I say... I have Ukrainian roots (that is so cool that I had to mention it) and I don't speak a single word of Ukrainian but I'm going to learn Russian one day. I love chocolate and onions (not together though) and I am completely obsessed with buildings in ruins.

When did you start your fashion/editorial illustrations?
Although I always drew, it's only a few years ago that I decided I wanted to do fashion or editorial illustration. As a child, I wanted to draw wedding dresses (as a really little child), then comics (as a really young teenager). Then I became interested in fashion and it all started from there. I've never been a shopping addict that much, but fashion has this wild and crazy side that is so inspiring. I started for real a few years ago, I would say in 2008 or 2009. It became my job in 2010.

Where do you get your inspirations from?
As I said just above, in the wild side of fashion. In my everyday life too (like everyone I guess). Everything I experiment, everything I think about can become a drawing... Music, old photographs, exhibitions, movies, and so on. It comes from everywhere really.

Who do you dream of working/collaborating with, and why?
Mmh, it's hard to pick just one... if he was still alive I would say Mucha. I venerate this guy. But nowadays, maybe Kate Copeland. I love her work, especially the heads she draws floating on a blank page. Yes, I think it would be with her right now (but I can change my mind in 10 minutes).

What are you currently working on? Any major projects that we could look forward to?
I've just had a very very busy period, it's getting a little more quiet right now but many things still have to be published. This spring, I'll draw 10 covers for a weekly Belgian magazine and they'll be published throughout the summer. Every month, I also draw a portrait for Astor Cosmetics website, with a special make-up look. I'm also planning a little suprise for my followers... but I can't say more now! Everything will come in time.

What are the 3 favourite illustrations of yours thus far?
Hard to say. I'm never really satisfied with my work... The first that comes to my mind is the "Grimaces" one, because it's the one that became the most "famous" I think. Lots of people loved it and it helped me become a little more known on the international illustration scene... I also love the portrait of my brother I did a few months ago ("Romain" - you'll find the three illustrations attached). It is framed in my living room. And a third one, I would pick the "Face1" drawing. I love it because it's so simple and clean, and yet expressive. I remember me drawing it in my garden by a sunny day, a happy little memory.

Above: Romain

Above: Grimaces

Above: Face1

If you could only work with 1 colour, which one would it be and why?
I think it would be red or pink. It's so girly I know, but there are so many different shades of pink and they're all so shiny and joyful... I like cyan too. But if I could have only one pencil on earth, it would be a normal gray graphite one of course.

What would you do if you win a million dollars?
Oh, that I know! I would buy an old factory (in ruins obviously) and I would do it up, make my own graphic design studio in it, and a big flat on the upper level for me to live. I'm not sure a million dollars would be enough, but you see the point.

What advice would you give budding illustrators out there who wants to make it big?
Try everything, every tool and every technique, then you can choose what you like most. And have fun of course (but be careful with your wrist and eyes, they're more useful then you might imagine).

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