EXCLUSIVE: Our Interview with Weizhong

Photos courtesy of Weizhong Weizhong, a self-taught photographer, has blown us away with his stunning landscape photography! Read on for...

Photos courtesy of Weizhong

Weizhong, a self-taught photographer, has blown us away with his stunning landscape photography!

Read on for our interview with the talented photographer.

Hi Weizhong! Tell us a bit about yourself!
Hi! My name is Weizhong, and I am a photographer based in Singapore. I picked up photography officially 3 years ago when I bought myself my first entry-level DSLR on a study program to Japan. As the living expenses in Japan were rather high, it is not an understatement to say that I literally survived on bread and water for the next few months!

From the start, I have been focusing mainly on travel and landscape imagery, but I am also planning to branch off into a different genre by attempting to combine a variety of different styles.

When did you discover your passion for photography?
I first got into contact with photography on a summer program to Japan in 2004 when my father bought me a compact digital camera. I started snapping at anything that caught my interest. However, at that time, taking photos was more for fun and I did not really consider it to be something serious.

I officially picked up photography when I went back to Japan for a 1-year study program in 2008. While I was there, I was mesmerised by the many beautiful Japanese landscapes and scenery that I came across in magazines and posters. At the same time, my buddy happened to introduce the digital SLR to me when I was contemplating getting a new camera. Although I only intended to get a compact camera, the dSLR sparked off my passion for photography and started my constant experimentation and refinement for perfection.

What do you have to tell from your photos?
At the beginning, my main aim was only to mimic and capture the inspiring scenery that I came across in books and magazines. However, as I continued on my photographic journey, I realised that I could help raise awareness about the environment through my images. I would like to put out a message to people that our world is indeed a beautiful one, and it can only remain the way it is if each and every one of us act now and do our part to conserve its natural beauty. A simple example would be to cut down on our consumption of plastic bags and disposable utensils. These seem like tiny steps, but collectively, they will be able to make a huge impact on us as well as future generations.

Based on your photos, you have definitely travelled a lot. How did it inspire you?
It is often difficult to determine if it is the travelling that inspires me, or is it photography that inspire me to travel, but I would like to think that the key driving force behind is the constant craving for creation and perfection. Every trip gives me a challenge to push my boundaries and an opportunity for further development of my skills. After each trip, I will review the images and identify areas in which I need to improve on for the next, and the cycle repeats itself. I guess looking at beautiful works of other photographers also helps motivate me to reach for greater heights!

What equipment do you use?
Currently, I am using the D700 mainly with the 14-24 f/2.8, 70-200 f/2.8, 50 f/1.8, a traveller tripod, and gradual neutral density filters. I started off with an entry level, the D60, but I used it with only a kit lens to built upon my fundamentals and practical experience for 2 years before looking for the next upgrade.

If you could only work with one colour, which one would it be and why?
I would choose green, because nature is my favourite subject and my impression of nature is all in the colour green, from fresh greenery in spring, to uninterrupted views of green pastures.

What are your hidden talents?
I am not sure if they can be considered as talents, but I play the piano and Japanese is my third language.

What would you do if you’ve won a million dollars?
I will give most of it back to society in the form of building hospitals and schools for the poor as well as providing homes and food to the needy. There are far too many people that are worse off than me, and although it might be insignificant on my part, I hope I will be able to contribute something to make their lives better.

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