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Photos courtesy of Luke Hayden Hi, Luke! Please introduce yourself! I’m Luke Hayden, I live in Essex and I'm a happily married photo...

Photos courtesy of Luke Hayden

Hi, Luke! Please introduce yourself!
I’m Luke Hayden, I live in Essex and I'm a happily married photographer. (Sorry ladies)

What made you start taking up photography?
I used to make impressively amateur short films with the family handy cam when I was younger, and I guess that kicked off the addiction to recording film and photo. But I think my first real inspiration and reason for buying a camera was seeing the unusal and really brilliant pictures my friend was taking when we were at college together. I wanted to do the same and invested in a Sony DSC V1.

In 2006, I discovered a photographer called Sean Flanigan and I was blown away by his photos. I decided then to get myself a proper camera, so I saved for a Canon 30D and haven't been far from my camera since. Please check out my friend's work too, at jamiecameron.carbonmade.com.

You capture various types of photos, and we've noticed that you have a lot of portraits in your portfolio. Is that your preferred type of photography?
I do enjoy portraits, taking photos of people one-to-one allows you more scope to focus an idea or a theme, but I have a real passion for more documentary-style photos. I guess this is why I love wedding photography so much at the moment. It combines the best of both worlds with some set scenes and a lot of action shots needed to paint the emotion of the day. It's really satisfying to tell a story through your pictures, and who doesn't enjoy a party? I love a mixture of styles, though. Having people in front of my camera keeps me happy.

What are your favorite equipments to work with?
My Canon 5D MKII is always at the ready. I tend to use the 50mm 1.4 lens a bunch, but the 35mm 1.4 is killer. As for accesories, I just love my Think Tank bag. They make some really clever, practical and good looking bags.

You've recently taken up to maternity photography, how did that come

My sister models and is a new mum to my gorgeous niece, Mia. I've done a few portfolio shoots with her in the past and we thought it would be nice to do a shoot during the pregnancy. I didn't think much more of it at the time, but a pregnant friend of hers loved the pictures and asked me to do a shoot with her later that year. I was more than happy to, two models for only half the directing effort.

A photo of yours was featured in Professional
Photographer Magazine
, mind telling us about it?

I have an online gallery with Professional Photographer Magazine, and they approached me asking if they could use one of my images. The photo was taken in New York at 5th Ave. I read this magazine every month, so I was real happy to have one of my images used.

Finally, if you could work with one color, what would it be?
Nice question. If I had to work with only one color, it would have to be United Nations Blue. I think it's also known as Azure? Sky swimming.

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