EXCLUSIVE: Our Interview with Anders Lönnfeldt

Photos and video courtesy of Anders Lönnfeldt Anders Lönnfeldt is a budding photographer and filmmaker who will be going places! Read on ...

Photos and video courtesy of Anders Lönnfeldt

Anders Lönnfeldt is a budding photographer and filmmaker who will be going places!
Read on for our interview with him.
(And watch his short film 'The Insignificant Truth')

Hi Anders! Tell us something interesting about yourself.
I am a silly 26-year old son of a farmer who learned to drive the tractor at the age of seven. I love bad jokes and nowadays I mostly work with photography and filmmaking.

When did you realize that you love photography and cinematography?
Ever since I was a child I have been fascinated about photography, beautiful images, and playing around with video cameras. I still remember when my parents bought me my first disposable camera. I was so thrilled about the fact that I now was able to capture moments. The sad thing, though, was that I ended up ruining all the photos, since I did not know how to deal with the camera and the film. I felt really bad about that because I never got the chance to see what I had captured.

Even though I had a passion for photography already at an early age, it was no sooner than when I started thinking about what to study that I noticed that I wanted to work with images. My first years of my cinematography studies were incredibly interesting and motivating, and for the first time in my life I felt a strong passion for something in a way that I had never felt before.

What equipment do you use?
Well, it depends a lot on what kind of project I am working on and of course also on the budget. Usually I get by with my Canon DSLR camera and my kit lens. But let’s say that I work with a music video and that the budget allows for it, then I would rent a “better” camera. My favourite cameras at the moment are the RED One and the Arri Alexa. And the future looks interesting when we talk about cameras; both Canon and RED have some new cameras that will shortly be available for use. Looking forward to getting my hands on those.

What are your favourite tools and subjects/objects to work with?
At the moment I am really into portrait photography, concert photography and music videos. But my interests change quite a lot depending on what I am working on at the moment. A couple of months ago I was really into motion graphics and visual effects since that was my assignment for my projects at the time. What I am trying to say is that I am open to all kind of work and maybe I am still kind of trying to find my genre. Or maybe I am just enjoying working with many different genres. But what is sure is that it is good to be open to different kind of work since this business is really hard and it is good to have more than one option for work opportunities.

Your concert photography is amazing! Obviously it takes a lot of practice and the right equipment. So what are the challenges you've faced and overcome?
Well thank you, I am glad to hear that. Concert photography is quite a new genre for me to explore and a really interesting one. To be honest I have just shot a couple of concerts so I do not have that much practice really. And I would not say that it is that much about what equipment you use since my camera equipment is quite simple.
One of my close colleagues has shot a lot of different concerts during the last years. I have checked out his work a lot and that has inspired me to try out this genre of photography. He was also there when I shot my first concert, so I got the chance to ask him for some advice about how to get great shots.

The biggest challenges I have faced have been to catch the right moment and to get that photo in focus. I simply try to take a lot of different photos so I can collect the golden ones afterwards. What it takes of me is to be really active during the short time the artist is on the stage, and then it is just to go home and start the editing.
It feels like it has been I while since the latest concert shoot so I will probably try to get some concerts to photograph in the near future.

Which of your projects are you most proud of?
I am proud of a lot of projects, not necessarily always because of the result, but due to the fact that I have got the chance to work with a project that I a couple of years ago only could dream about.
But the biggest project I have worked on was the short film The Insignificant Truth. It was a school project where we got the opportunity to work with real 16mm film. It was such an ambitious and crazy project, and also a project that has helped me develop a lot. This short film also ended up to be a hit in our school, so I felt pretty proud afterwards.

If you could only work with one colour, what would it be and why?
Since I was a child, blue has been my favourite colour. And now when I am more into colours I would say that cyan is my favourite nuance. And like always with these kinds of issues I have no good reason for answering like that. As a matter of fact I often use different shades of blue when I work with colour grading and motion graphics.

Any hidden talents?
I am good with rhymes, however, this is a talent I do not use that much. But sometimes at parties when I feel that the moment is right, I can scribble down a funny rhyme in a couple of minutes which can turn out to be a fun contribution to the party.

What would you do if you won a million dollars?
I would probably change them into euros.

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