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Photos by Syafiq for Elements Magazine Rockaway is Malaysia's independent rock festival which includes 16 local acts and some intern...

Photos by Syafiq for Elements Magazine

Rockaway is Malaysia's independent rock festival which includes 16 local acts and some international music line-ups. Headlining this year's festival were Story of the Year, All Time Low and The Used, and Elements were given the privilege of attending it on the 8th of October at Bukit Jalil.

Read on for our coverage of the event and photos!

1200 hours; local band, Hujan started the show with their popular single, 'Konklusi', which followed by the band Tres Empre. Dichi Michi then appeared on stage and played 'Realiti dan Fantasi'.


Dichi Michi

1300 hours; it starts raining. Most of the crowd dissolved.

1324 hours; crowd enters the Rock Zone and waits for the next band.

1356 hours; the rain stops, and the Rock Zone is now full.

1400 hours; the gig starts and Busco takes the stage. Their performance was flawless and the crowd loves them.

Oh Chentaku comes on next. They have been in the music scene for many years and have their own group of followers. The crowd asks for 'Freebird'.

Kyoto Protocol's performance was full of energy. Their performances of the singles 'Pussycat' and 'Give Me Nothing' were very good. We highly recommend listening to this band.

Musician cum music producer cum DJ cum entrepeneur (ehem), Jason Lo started off a little slow at the beginning, but gradually picked up speed when he started playing his well-known hits (which got the crowd moshing). He ended his performance with his most well-received song 'Operator, The Line Is Dead'.

Deja Voodoo Spells


Love Me Butch

Twilight Action Girl, a (male) DJ duo hit covered a mix of early noughties and current music, such as Blink-182's 'Rock Show', Kaiser Chiefs 'Everyday I Love You Less and Less' and Ramone's 'Blitzkrieg Bop'.

The first half of the gig ended with Story of the Year, performing songs such as 'Until The Day I Die' and 'Sidewalk'. Rian Dawson from All Time Low also joined the band on stage. The crowd goes crazy when lead singer, Dan Marsala demanded them to form two moshpits.

The second half of the gig were started by All Time Low, performing hit songs such as 'Weightless, "Lost In Stereo' and their latest, 'I Feel Like Dancing'.

The girls went wild, and took off their bras and threw it on stage!

Pop Shuvit proceeded to go on next (after taking awhile to prepare for their performance). They went on stage with charisma and had invited legendary Malaysian rock performer, Man Bai, Joe Flizzow, and a representative from Project E.A.R to perform with them. The crowd went into a frenzy when Pop Shuvit performed 'Marabahaya' featuring Project E.A.R.

DJ Uno of Pop Shuvit also joined in the madness when he went crowd surfing (literally).

Metalasia, Malaysia's veteran rock band performed their popular symphonic metal song 'Puspasari'.

Massacre Conspiracy

One Buck Short (the band who made this independent festival possible) was the last local act of the night, and performed songs such as 'Kelibat Korupsi'.

The Used ended the night with self-proclaimed "Greatest songs ever written":
The Bird & The Worm
Take It Away
I Caught Fire (In Your Eyes)
Taste of Ink
All That I've Got
Best of Me
Pretty Handsome Awkward
Maybe Memories
On My Own

Although it started raining in the middle of their performance, the crowd stayed to see The Used live. The band gave a mighty performance and probably managed to convert some new fans as well!

The night ended on a high, and everyone gave big round of applause to event organizers, Livescape and One Buck Short.

As quoted by gig attendee, Lya Ishak, "There's two kinds of high that can come after a concert; one, where your favourite band plays all the right songs and delivers, two, where you watch random unknown bands and fall in love with music itself. And number two is the high that conquered the whole day."

Watch this space for more photos on our Flickr soon!

Article and photos by Syafiq Zaini

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