EXCLUSIVE: Our Interview with Aaron Storry

Photos courtesy of Aaron Story Aaron Story is a professional photographer working and residing with his lovely wife in Northamptonshire,...

Photos courtesy of Aaron Story

Aaron Story is a professional photographer working and residing with his lovely wife in Northamptonshire, UK. While pursuing for a diploma in Graphic Design, he started to venture into the world of photography, and later specialized in the field as his passion grew.

We first featured Aaron's photo as our Photo of the Day. And when he approached us with his stunning portfolio of images, we were pleased to provide him with a featured post!

Read on to view more photos and our exclusive interview with him!

Boating Lake in Central Park, NYC

Hello Aaron, thank you for participating in this interview, let's start with a common question, what are your favourite genres of photgraphy?
I like portrait and wedding the most. Capturing timeless special moments really give me a buzz.

Self portrait

Hannah Ashlea Portraits, Raunds Northamptonshire

Fashion Shoot - Burton Latimer, Northamptonshire

What equipments do you use?
Most of the time I use a pair of Canon EOS 5D Mark II's combined with prime 'L' glass, but I also have the amazing Fuji X100 and Lomo Lubitel 166+. I also inherited an Olympus OM-1 from my Grandad which gets used from time to time.

In your experience as a wedding photographer, what are the taboos/things to avoid doing at a wedding photoshoot?
Most the the couples I work with have the same creative vision as me, before each wedding I have at least one consultation where we talk about themes and styles. The common things to avoid are overly processed images and a generic set of images which don't reflect the couples I work with. Keeping things fresh is a vital part of my business model, its important to keep on-top of trends but not to become a slave to them.

We love your Matchstick Men photos! The thought of turning an inanimate object into a character has a sort of an appeal to it. Will we be seeing more of it in the future?
Absolutely! The idea came from a magazine which explored macro photography and matchsticks. I took the idea to a new place and even set up a few pictures using my own actual hair. I love the simplicity of those little guys, I think they work really well.

Matchstick Men

Burton Wold Wind Farm

Any upcoming projects or work we should look forward to?
I'm working on some levitation pictures right now and getting ready to progress a set of winter coastal landscapes, just need to wait for the snow!

Levitation Portrait

Wells next the Sea

Southwold Coastal Landscapes

Finally, what would you do if you won a million dollars?
I'd give a load to Greenpeace, pay off the mortgage and travel the world taking photos of people.

Aaron Storry's website

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