Anna Dello Russo's Top 10 Rules to Clean Your Closet

Photo: Thomas Humery Photos/Klover/Vogue Paris Following our feature on Anna Dello Russo's dressing room , it's only appropriate i...

Following our feature on Anna Dello Russo's dressing room, it's only appropriate if she had a set of rules on how to clean our your wardrobe, no?

1. Remove all RUBBISH because rubbish generates rubbish!

2. How to FENG-SHUI teaches you, you must make new empty ROOM for revitalize your seasonal wardrobe.

3. Store only the whole OUTFIT. In a future day, would not make sense to find a simple sweater desperately.

4. Buy only thin, non-slip HANGERS in asbestos. Those big, slippery, old, wooden hangers take up too much space.

5. Organize your closet by ITEMS: coats with coats, dresses with dresses, pants with pants, skirts with skirts ... so you wouldn't buy the same thing twice!

6. In front of a dress to KILL or to KEEP, ask yourself: future generations'll want to see it?

7. Put the SHOES away from clothes, in the appropriate boxes with Polaroids. The leather's smell doesn't match with the fabric's smell.

8. Preserve the stretch STOCKINGS in their packaging. There's nothing worse than wearing damaged filanca.

9. Don't SQUEEZE the clothes on each other, like flowers in the garden need their space!

10. Don't use ANTI-MOTH chemicals, you don't want to go out stinking of naphthalene

We're not sure if you should still use asbestos, especially hangers made of it to hang your clothes, nevertheless, we think that her rules deserve two thumbs up!


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