EXCLUSIVE: Our Interview with Up-and-coming Model Carolyn Geh

Photo: Q Models Carolyn Geh is relatively new to the modeling industry, and having debuted at NY Fashion Week for Marchesa and threeASF...

Photo: Q Models

Carolyn Geh is relatively new to the modeling industry, and having debuted at NY Fashion Week for Marchesa and threeASFOUR for their respective Spring 2010 collections, this Malaysian is going places!

Her face (especially her jawline) are rather uncommon, and that's why we love her!

Read on for our exclusive interview!

Special thanks to Q Models

What defines a model?
Being a model isn’t just about being beautiful. It’s having persistence, a very good attitude, and patience every single day. It’s a volatile business and a good model understands this.

After you were discovered, did you ever think twice about your new modelling career?
There were definitely some challenging days, but no. Once I decided, that was it, I didn’t look back.

We saw your article in The Star (Malaysian newspaper) about education in Canada. Will you continue with your academic work if you didn't model?
I loved being in university, and if I wasn’t modeling I might have continued in academia or started my own business. But I’m doing this now and wouldn’t want to be doing anything else for the moment.

How did growing up in Malaysia and then pursuing your tertiary education in Canada develop you as a person?
It was the best decision I made. I had to grow up very quickly and figure things out for myself as [my] mom wasn’t physically there. I learned so much about myself and really gained a lot of strength and confidence in the process.

Who would you like to work with (designers, photographers or models)?
Grace Coddington with US Vogue, John Galliano, Steven Meisel, Nick Knight, and Steven Klein. There are tons on that list. I’d work with anyone who’s creative, passionate, and in love with what their doing.

Will you pursue your modelling career in Malaysia?
Of course, why not! If clients are interested I’d be in!! How cool will that be?

Is modelling as tough as people say it is, especially when you're Asian?
Modeling is tough. Period! A lot tougher than most people think. And every model has her or his challenges. As an Asian I would never change the color of my skin or the way I look just because it makes it a little more challenging especially in some markets. Being Asian will only be an obstacle if I view it as one and I refuse to.

What is your opinion on people who are "not allowed" to model due to their size/weight/height?
I think it really depends. There are so many different types of modeling out there for various body types and if you have the required look a client wants then there shouldn’t be any reason why one wouldn’t be allowed to model.

Any taboos in the modelling industry that we should know about?
Yes!! Do NOT change your look drastically without consulting your agent.. like shave your head or die your hair purple.

What 'Plain Jane' things do you do when you're not modelling?
Read, cook or bake for my friends, and catch up with my friends and family on Skype especially when I’m travelling.

Photos courtesy of Q Models

When was the last time you returned to Malaysia?
In January of this year for 2 weeks to see my family.

What will be the first thing you do when you return to Malaysia?
Visit my grandpa! Then straight to the ice kacang stall!

Ais Kacang: Probably Malaysia's most-loved dessert of shaved ice, syrup, ground nuts, jelly and red beans. Sometimes topped with ice-cream
Photo courtesy of Shez

What else should visitors have in Malaysia besides 'ais kacang'?
Erm.. I might need a double page for this but definitely top on the list are durian and banana leaf rice.

Durian: A sweet fruit covered with a soft shell of thorns. An acquired taste is needed for non-Asians; Banana Leaf Rice: A traditional vegetarian South Indian meal consisting of rice, a few types of curries, and vegetables. Usually eaten with hands.

What kind of music do you listen to?
I love most music but have a soft spot for classical, 80’s and 90’s rock, and jazz.

Do you have any hidden talents?
I can name all the brain regions and list their functions.

Marchesa Spring 2010

threeASFour Spring 2010

Erin Fetherston Fall 2010

Wayne Fall 2010

Photos: Style


Andy South, Project Runway Season 8, NYFW Spring/Summer 2010

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