Contest: Win LuShae Jewelry!

Photo: LuShae Jewelry LuShae Jewelry has the most beautiful classic and contemporary pieces in their collection. These are just some of t...

LuShae Jewelry has the most beautiful classic and contemporary pieces in their collection. These are just some of their stunning pieces.

Their jewelry are lead-free, and all of the white-gold/silver pieces are plated in rhodium.

"White Gold Rhodium Bond is achieved using an electroplating process that coats the item with heavy layers of rhodium, a close cousin of platinum that costs three times as much, which gives our jewelry a platinum luster."

LuShae Jewelry is giving away a piece of jewelry to TWO of our readers! (Yes, two!).
The winners may choose any piece of jewelry they like!
How awesome is that?

But before you read on, maybe you'd like to have a look at their jewelry pieces.
Click here

Want to find out how to join?

Read on for the details!

This contest is only open to our blog followers on Google Friend Connect. So follow us now if you haven't yet!

Why do we open this to our followers only?
It's because we want our REAL readers to win, that's why!
(Not some random people who might have stumbled upon Elements Magazine)

All you have to do is answer 2 questions:
1. Where is LuShae Jewelry based?
2. Tell us why you love Elements Magazine in 150 words or less.

We will choose TWO of the best entries we receive, and we will email both winners one gift card each which will enable them to choose ONE item of their choice! (Worldwide shipping is free too)
Isn't LuShae Jewelry great?

Email your answers by this Sunday (24 April 2010) to:
Don't forget to mention what your Google Friend Connect username it is too!
Do leave a comment when you've sent in your entry!

Visit LuShae Jewelry

The contest is now closed. We will be picking our winners soon.
Stay tuned!

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  1. ok ive entered and i hope i win LOL

  2. just sent an email, and, by the way, this is fantastic opportunity to present!

  3. Brilliant, guys! All the best to everyone! (;

    @F, yes it is! :D

  4. I just e-mailed my entry - thanks for the opportunity! (And lovely jewelry at LuShae!)

  5. (Oops! That was me above - I was signed in to the wrong e-mail address! But I'm definitely a follower.)

  6. Thanks, Jessica!

    Already received your entry ;)

  7. Just sent my entry. I love the jewelry, very beautiful. I have never won anything so I hope I win.

  8. Following ya'll on Google Connect. Hope you can find me now.

  9. my google connect username is juno rose octavia.


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