Study: Jamie Oliver's Healthy School Food Boost SATs Results

Photos: Daily Mail Jamie Oliver's healthy school dinners campaign has dramatically improved test results, a study has shown. The TV c...

Photos: Daily Mail

Jamie Oliver's healthy school dinners campaign has dramatically improved test results, a study has shown.

The TV chef's nutritious meals are more effective than the Government's daily literacy hour at raising standards of English in primary schools.

Scrapping junk food lunches led to a rise of 4.5 per cent in English SATs results in the first schools where the scheme was tried, academics from Oxford and Essex universities found.

This compares to a 3.2-point rise linked to the introduction of structured daily literacy lessons.

Pupils who were served Oliver's healthier lunches also did better in science and took less time off sick.

Jamie Oliver said,

"The research results are fantastic as it's the first time a proper study has been done into the positive effects of the Feed Me Better campaign and it strongly suggests we were right all along. Even while doing the show, we could see the benefits to children's health - we could see that asthmatic kids weren't having to use inhalers so often, for example. We could see that it made them calmer and therefore able to learn."

He has also appeared on Oprah, who has been supporting him for years. Appearing on her show on Friday, Jamie blamed the lack of response from America on 'humans being creatures of habit that don't like change'.

And he admitted that he almost caused a riot in one high school in Huntingdon after taking chips off the menu, even though he just wanted the pupils to understand that he 'meant business'.

"I don't think I'm Superman, however, I've got hindsight on my side. Four hours of TV back home got a billion dollars from the British government, got rubbish in vending machines taken out, got new standards, fresh produce, local food and we're on the beginning of transition of change."

"And I pray and hope that with the six hours of TV I'm doing on ABC, that I want to inspire the parents of America to have an opinion for themselves and support me because the standards in this country are not protecting your kids."

Ryan Seacrest also appeared on the show with Jamie, and revealed that he was obese as a child! He is the executive producer of Jamie's Food Revolution in the US

"I became very aware and self-conscious of my physique. I didn't like spring because spring break was imminent, and I didn't want to go to the pool. I would swim with my T-shirt on. And when you have that feeling as a kid, that lives with you for a long time."

Jamie is currently gathering a petition of 1,000,000 pledges, and he would like to take his petition to the White House after the TV series airs, to show The President and First Lady how many people across the country really care about this and ask for their support.

Sign the petition here


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