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14 Most Popular Benjamin Moore Exterior Paint Colours

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Finding the best paint colour for your property is always a debate. There are many paint colours to choose from, all of which look different depending on the night and daytime hours. What you might choose for a door and trim may not be right for an exterior wall. How you combine colour also matters.

Let’s delve deeper into popular Benjamin Moore exterior paint colour trends. Here are the fourteen most popular Benjamin Moore exterior paint colours:

Color #1: Onyx

We’re starting with a big pick. Onyx is bold and heavily saturated. A very dark colour, Onyx is often used for exterior accents, typically contrasting with off-whites and neutrals. If you enjoy the dramatics of dark black, the Onyx outdoor paint will make your property pop.

Color #2: White Dove

White Dove is your classic white. For any home looking for a pure white exterior paint colour from Benjamin Moore, it makes sense to start your search here. It’s warm and clean and very inviting. Give your home a fresh and friendly look with White Dove.

Color #3: Olympic Mountains

Olympic Mountains is a trendy beige that is light and very popular for many home styles, including colonial and mid-century. Some may be worried about using a beige, but the Olympic Mountains is an eye-catching shade with gray undertones that is sure to present as a welcoming and trendy pick.

Color #4: White Heron

White Heron is a light and airy exterior paint colour. Another nice white on the docket, this Benjamin Moore shade, has some blue undertones and is cooler on the eyes than many other whites. A clean and crisp choice, this pairs nicely with some cool grays or for those that dare go full blue.

Color #5: Gray Owl

Gray Owl is a light, cool gray that’s calm, relaxing, and a natural choice for exterior paint. If you want a more introspective and slightly subdued aesthetic, if one could describe exterior paint in such a way, Gray Owl offers an absolutely beautiful look.

Color #6: Soot

Soot is another dark paint colour that you’ll love. If you want to go dark like Onyx but want it as the main colour and not for an accent, Soot has a way of blending into its surroundings in a very natural way. This is one of our favourite Benjamin Moore dark exterior paint colours trendy this season.

Color #7: Revere Pewter

Revere Pewter has some gorgeous warm, and earthy undertones. With an unimposing, slightly dark neutral tone, there is a lot to say about Revere Pewter. If you have some extra left over, it’s also something that can be easily incorporated into interior use.

Color #8: Fairview Taupe

Fairview Taupe is a fantastic shade to dress the exterior of a property in. Warm and neutral, Fairview Taupe always works and plays off the gray trend, moving into something cooler and darker. This is more of a grayish brown. If you have a stone in your home, a pick like this taupe is exactly what you want to compliment.

Color #9: Hale Navy

Hale Navy is one of the better navy blue exterior paint colours on the market, Benjamin Moore or otherwise. Hale Navy is a great pick to lean on if you’re looking at blues or have a complementary colour with blue undertones.

Color #10: Harbor Gray

Speaking of something with blue undertones, here we have Harbor Gray. This is a cool blue-gray that has a slight nautical feel to it. If your home is near the water or has other blues reflecting on your property, Harbor Gray will create the perfect vibe as an exterior paint colour.

Color #11: Stonington Gray

Stonington Gray is a versatile gray used to pull together a range of aesthetics and colours. Traditional and modern homes can benefit from Stonington Gray, and it’s hard to go wrong having chosen it. Bring your home to life with a gray like this alongside another premium exterior paint colour from Benjamin Moore.

Color #12: Jockey Hollow Gray

Jockey Hollow Gray is similar to the other grays mentioned but slightly darker. It’s included in Benjamin Moore’s Historical Collection, but it’s far more adaptable than how it’s presented. Jockey Hollow Gray works well with black and brown accents and can be easily applied across historic and modern homes.

Color #13: Hawthorne Yellow

A perfect yellow for exterior paint, Hawthorne Yellow comes with a gray undertone that makes it friendly to other colours. For property, you want big, bright, and maybe even a little bold, Hawthorne Yellow is a fantastic choice.

Color #14: Kendall Charcoal

Kendall Charcoal is a flexible neutral. Dark and moody, it’s an excellent choice for an exterior paint colour. In recent years, Kendall Charcoal has grown in popularity among homeowners. This high-quality Benjamin Moore pick pairs nicely with a wide range of colours.

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