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10 Creative Event Planning Ideas and Themes

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Every event is an opportunity to create a memory that lasts forever. Whether it’s a corporate event, someone’s wedding, a dance, festival or arts-based event, or sports-friendly events, these can be made even more exciting and one-of-a-kind with the right event planning.

To encourage fun, do your best to perk up an event regardless of where it’s being held. Promote your event messaging with creativity and enthusiasm. Here are ten creative event planning ideas to use for your business:

Idea #1: Entertainment

An event can be built around an itinerary of entertainment, i.e. setting up a stage and inviting acts, music, or speakers to fill the room with atmosphere.

You can also do entertainment on a smaller scale, such as having individual stations, i.e. a photo-taking booth, a place to sit and engage in conversation, some games in another part of the room, etc. Try to give the demographics in attendance things they can do and fill their time in addition to that.

Idea #2: Audiovisual experience

The audiovisual experience will refer to DJs, musical acts you may have planned, video screens, and the overall audio-visual requirements of the event. You want to make sure you have the equipment you need and find a use for it. This will involve having the right music, with music influencing how enjoyable an event is.

You can also use video screens creatively in conjunction with the audio element to create more excitement for the event.

Idea #3: Use technology

No matter the type of event, there’s always a way to incorporate technology. Augmented reality and virtual reality are both very popular. Create an exciting and unique experience by using AR/VR games, and offering visual effects glasses.

Similarly, try branded photos and videos, or giving them an AR/VR adventure such as exploring an alien spaceship or a zombie apocalypse. Even on a limited budget, you may have some opportunity to create something extra special.

Idea #4: Team-building exercises

A lot of events are fairly open-concept. As an events planner, team-building activities can work in various settings if you know who’s attending. You can create mysteries or more complex team-building, or simply have get-to-know-each-other conversation topics set up at the table.

You can have puzzles, debates, trivia, games, scavenger hunts around the event, challenges, or scenario simulations for very simple team-building.

Idea #5: Base your event on a theme

A theme can help provide lots of direction to event planning. A theme can be as simple as a palette or a holiday. You can add visual elements that suit the theme and take in components that you would normally use – such as furniture – and decorate them similarly.

An event should have a unique feel, unlike the outside world. Try to create an immersive event where guests will get lost in fun.

Idea #6: Stages and décor

Transform the events space you’re using. If you have the resources, think about how you can incorporate décor but also stages. Elaborate staging is immediately eye-catching and great for photo-taking.

A large freestanding stage isn’t always possible, though. Something like cardboard can be used instead of wood to develop different stages and architectural shapes if it’s not. You may even choose to hire local artists to help create and craft this décor.

Idea #7: Lighting to create mood

Lights come in various colours, shapes, sizes, and arrangements. Lighting can make any event feel like something altogether different. It adds mood, excites guests, and easily draws attention to spots around a venue.

If you aren’t sure how you want to use event lighting, you can try a backdrop of string lights, wall-mounted or ceiling-mounted lighting, tabletop lamps on a table, target lighting, or something similar.

Idea #8: Event furniture rentals

A venue may not have the right furniture for your event. Most won’t. Event furniture rentals can help create the exact atmosphere you want. You can load the furniture you want and have the exact event you planned.

The furniture you receive can then be taken and rearranged in an events space to create seating areas, gathering spaces, and privacy among the festivities.

Idea #9: Use people like décor

Like you will be using lighting and décor, consider how you can use people. You may hire a collection of people to go through the party with snacks and drinks if there already isn’t a wait staff. These people can be dressed up in costumes if you choose.

You can also create stations with different people, i.e. someone like a portrait artist can be set up somewhere. If appropriate, you may want to hire dancers to be positioned throughout the room.

Idea #10: Be as creative as possible

There are hundreds of creative event planning ideas out there. Use what would be the most fun. Psychics or tarot card readers. You are designing a maze or obstacle course. Try having your event somewhere unexpected, such as overnight camping. Have a wine tasting. There are unlimited ideas and ways to plan an event to keep the atmosphere up, get everyone excited and engaged, and pull off the best possible event even under a budget.

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